[Calliphora Vomitoria]

The Blue Bottle Flies are  the largest, slowest and therefore easiest flies to zap. These obnoxious buzzers prefer to fly in packs and are particular to sweets. They are worth 2 Points.



Close relative to the Blue Bottle Fly, Blow Flies (sometimes referred to as Greenbottle Flies) are a bit faster and trickier to zap. Aiming at them will provoke them to increase their speed in order to escape, thereby making it easier for the player to fire a 'Missed Shot'.  Blow Flies are worth 5 Points.



Fruit Flies are the smallest and fastest of the flies. With a bigger penchant for sweets than even the Bottle Fly, they also prefer to travel in packs, and will waste no time in helping themselves to whatever tasty treats may be lying around in your kitchen. Aiming at them will provoke them to increase their speed and switch their direction of flight, making them arguably the most difficult flies to stop. Fruit Flies are worth 10 Points.



The Black Fly (also known as The Boss Fly) serves no purpose, other than to Get In Your Way. They're quick, they're sneaky and they travel in packs, just like the Bottle Fly and Blow Fly. It's been rumored that the Black Flies are in cahoots with the other flies and have formed a mob to protect them. Zapping Black Flies does not increase your score, in fact, each accidental zap of a Black Fly, counts as a Missed Shot. BE CAREFUL!


March Of The Flies ~ Here We Come! - RaFaél J.
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