You've waited months for Summer to get here! Swimming Pools, Barbecues, The Beach, you name it! What you weren't  hoping for, or even anticipating, was the inevitable return of those pesky summer critters — no, not the neighbor's cats that keep getting into your Mom's garden, the FLIES! This year, they're faster and hungrier than ever, and they're EVERYWHERE, including your home! "Kitchen Chaos!" The First of Many Episodes, begins with you having to abolish a huge swarm of flies from —you GUESSED IT!— YOUR KITCHEN!   

Little Jeffrey is not gonna like this.....

"In the World of Fly PANIC!, one must possess Speed, Patience and a GOOD EYE!"

"Babe? Maybe we should go out for pizza..."

Lucky for you, Dearest Home Dweller, home extermination technology is getting more advanced by the day. Fly Swatters? Who has time for them? Bug Sprays and Pesticides? No thanks! Bug zapping tennis rackets? Close, but NO! Lucky for you, you've been chosen to field test the latest

in bug extermination technology — The Bug Zappa! One push of the red trigger can deliver up to 3000 Volts that will stop those buzzing little invaders dead in their tracks! There's just one catch — since this is such NEW technology , the battery life for this device is  short and in most cases, you can only zap a single critter at a time. You lose 1% of your battery life for every shot, and the battery also drains naturally on its own (yes, even if you are not shooting! Tough luck, kid!) So therein lies another challenge — zapping quickly yet wisely, so as not to eat up your battery power. Luckily you'll get an opportunity to recharge every so often, but only by a little. And just like that, your task became all the more difficult. Not only must you beat the clock, you must also watch where and what you zapp, and as if that weren't enough, you must now keep an eye on your battery power. Thinking Strategically is your best bet. One thing is for sure — it's gonna be a loooong Summer!

Fly PANIC! appears simple upon first glance; you simply "Tap to Zap", right? Anybody can do that, right? The "short" answer is Yes and No. "Tap to Zap" is surely the name of the game (actually, it's Fly PANIC! but still...), but the question of whether anyone would be fit for the task, is a bit tougher to answer. Can anyone Zap a few flies here and there? Absolutely! BUT — but what about Zapping 100 flies in 2 Minutes (that's 120 seconds)? What if the challenge was to exterminate only a specific species of Fly,  while taking care to avoid the others? Could you do this, while all of the other flies in the vicinity became more anxious by the second, getting in your way, making it more difficult to focus on your target? What if you had less than 2 Minutes to do so? What if zapping other flies or other areas of the room, counted against you? What if you were penalized for missing too many shoots?  You see, it's not until you actually begin the task of protecting your living space against these speedy critters, that you realize you've got your work Completely Cut OUT for you. Not every poor soul with a vendetta against the dreaded housefly can handle the task at hand. No! That's simply NOT ENOUGH! In the world of Fly PANIC!, one must possess Speed, Patience and a GOOD EYE, in order to move to the next phase!  

Oh're gonna need one of these.


March Of The Flies ~ Here We Come! - RaFaél J.
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