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Detailed Instruction Manual

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So you're ready to tackle that fly infestation, huh? You ready to take back your kitchen? Well it won't be easy, but it will certainly be worth it. They're fast, they're hungry and they work together, but they're not impossible to beat. With a little practice and persistence, you'll show them who's in charge, in no time!



"Tap to Zap!"  is exactly what it sounds like. You land shots on flies by tapping each one individually. This gives you more control over where your shots go.

If you are using a mobile device, such as a phone or a tablet, then the only controls you really need are your finger or a stylus, if you have one. For PC users, use your mouse and left click to make any selections or to fire a shot. 

Once you've finished a level, you will see this icon on the High Score screen. Click or tap on it, to save your position in the game, if you wish to come back to it later.


If the game detects a saved file on your PC or mobile device, the load icon on the title screen, will be in color. If no saved game is detected, then it will be in black & white, as pictured.

Additionally, look for these X's at the bottom right hand corner of the screen (near the Battery Power counter). Tapping or clicking on the X will allow you to restart the level and quit the level. If you wish to do neither, simply tap or click "Continue" to keep playing. In this menu, "Quit" will send you to the title screen. To exit the application completely, tap or click "Quit" on the title screen.

Counters & Scoring







Many objects in the area can cause you to earn a missed shot, and should you accumulate 20 missed shots, you will have to start the level over again. It's really easy to get carried away with the zapping and zap something that you weren't supposed to. One of the biggest ways to earn and accumulate misses is to shoot the Black Flies (more on that below), but shooting different objects in your environment can have dire consequences as well. Be careful and learn to time your shots wisely!


Time is of the essence! At the beginning of each level, you will be instructed to carry out your mission within a designated time window. The counter goes by seconds, so if the timer is at 120 seconds at the beginning, then you have 2 minutes to finish that challenge. If you don't finish your mission within that time window, you will have to start again! Keep an eye on your timer!














The battery life of your Bug Zappa!  device is another thing of which you must be mindful. Not only does your battery slowly drain as you are idle, but it drains quickly each time you successfully land a shot on a fly. Every so often, you will notice a battery icon fly across the screen. Tap or click on this battery icon to recharge your battery and stay in the game. If your battery should reach zero (0), then you will have to start the level over.


At the beginning of each level, you will be instructed on how many flies you need to zap in order to complete that level. This simple counter allows you to keep track of how many flies you've zapped, as well as how many more you have left. 


This counter keeps track of your overall score, which depends on the amount and the type of flies you zap. Bottle Flies are worth only 2 points each, Blow Flies are worth 6 points each and Fruit Flies are worth the most, at a whopping 10 points each! 

The Flies

Bottle Flies

Bottle Flies are the biggest and usually the easiest to zap. They are worth 2 Points each.



Blow Flies

Blow flies are a bit smaller and faster than Bottle Flies, but still fairly easy to catch. They are worth 5 Points each.


Fruit Flies

Fruit Flies are the tiniest, quickest and toughest to catch. But at 10 Points each, they are easily a worthy pursuit!

Black Flies

Black Flies are nothing but trouble. They are sneaky and they get in the way easily by either placing themselves in front of the other flies, flying right alongside them or hiding behind them. Zapping them will count as a "Miss" and you already know that too many of those will cost you. This is why it is important to time your shots wisely!


Once you've successfully completed a level, you will be rewarded with a Challenge Complete Coin. These are your bragging rights, to show how far you've progressed in the game! 

Options Menu

The options menu is simple. Use the arrows to either turn the music and sound effects volums up or down, as well as to mute or unmute the fly voices. Once you're done, simply exit back to the main title screen to begin playing!

And now you are ready to....


March Of The Flies ~ Here We Come! - RaFaél J.
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