About the Company

Sage Verse Innovations, LLC (SVI) is a Detroit-based software and technology development company, independently owned and operated by myself. Since my business began operations in the Spring of 2014, it has prided itself on bringing unique and entertaining software applications and video games to the public. The recent "retro boom" and resurgence in arcade games, sparked the creation of several titles that we have in the works at the moment.

What's in a name?

As is the case with so many words in the English language, the words "sage" and "verse" can take on multiple meanings. The word "verse" was simply taken from the word "universe", but let's have a look at the definition of "sage" that best jibes with our specific vision:




having, showing, or indicating profound wisdom.

"they nodded in agreement with these sage remarks"

synonyms:wise, learned, clever, intelligent, having/showing great knowledgeknowledgeable, sensible, intellectual, scholarly, sagacious, erudite; 

In a nutshell, it can be said that the mission of SVI is to provide everyone with unique and innovative gaming and software experiences. We, the designers and developers, accomplish this of course, by using our minds and knowledge to their fullest extent! Therefore we can look at Sage Verse as meaning "a universe of knowledge and wisdom"! 

Plus for our logo (the "SV-EYE"), we get to use a star (universe) with a sort of "third eye" (wisdom, as well as our ability to see potential and what might be). And really, who could be against that?

About me

Hello! I'm Rafi Gajura, but friends and associates call me "Mr. Raf" or just plain old "Rafi" (occasionally I've also gone by  "RaFaèl J"). Not only am I the founder and president of Sage Verse Innovations,  but I also wear many hats within the company. Born and raised in Detroit, I currently live and operate my business in the Downriver Michigan area.

Brief Biography


Growing up in the 90's —a time when technology began changing and evolving at a rapid rate— one could say that I showed a fervent interest and curiosity in computers and technology as a child, especially gaming. The more technical side of this passion,  was due in no small part to my father, who worked in the IT field, at the time. The latter portion was thanks to industry heavy-hitters of the day such as SEGA®, Nintendo®, Atari® and the like, with their mind-blowing innovations in the realm of 16-bit gaming. I credit titles such as Sonic the Hedgehog®, Legend of Zelda® and Super Mario World® for sparking my childhood imagination and igniting the game development bug within me! 

Computers were a major part of my upbringing and daily life. The constant exposure sparked a passion in me, like no other! My very first opportunity to cut my teeth on the inner workings of technology, came in the form of my first science fair project in 1996. Together with my father, I designed and built a small robot named "Mr. Blinky", aptly-named for his red LED eyes which would blink in different sequences, at the push of a button. 

From there, I moved on to more advanced projects, such as my very first computer, which was once again, built by my father and I. In middle school, I began dabbling in game design with my first game, a crudely designed top-down space shooter called "Astro Wars". The experience gave me my first glimpse into the ins and outs of a developing a computer game, from the programming to the music (which I composed via MIDI). From that moment, I was hooked!


Even as things progress, it's (usually) always good to look back and remember where we came from. There is no greater example of this than the the recent "Return to the 90's", which is a major inspiration for the products that Sage Verse develops today. With retro being in full swing in everything from music to movies to video games, putting modern spins on classic concepts, or taking classic concepts and using them towards something completely new and innovative is the name of the game! 

Such a journey could not be made without you, and thus, I thank you for riding with Sage Verse! 


Game Producer

  • Project Manager

  • Lead Programmer

  • Art Director

Sound Design

  • Music Composer

  • SFX Coordinator

  • Voice Over